* Lombardini Air-Cooled Diesel


* Built-In Check Valve

* Tubular Steel Roll Frame

* Quick, Easy suction and Discharge


* Removable/Replaceable           

Wearplates and suction Plates

* 2-Man Carry - Weighs 140LBS.

Repower's 3" Trash Pump is the ultimate self-priming diesel pump, with a flow  of 22,680 gallons per hour at 10 feet of head.  Solid debris up to 1-1/2" diameter is easily handled by the pump.

Pump construction is cast aluminum with removable - replaceable cast iron wearplates and suction plate.

Quick release cleanout handles are standard equipment for both suction and discharge port cover plates.  Both an internal and external strainer are supplied.

The pump is powered by an ultra-reliable,  easy starting Lombardini
Air-cooled 4-cycle Diesel Engine.

Options available include:     EPDM/Viton Parts
                                             12 volt electric starting
                                            ` remote start/stop 
                                              wheel kit.

2" and 4" Trash Pumps are also available.



Lombardini Model 15LD315 4-cycle air-cooled Diesel Engine.  Rated 6.2 Hp(continuous) at 3600 RPM.

Equiped with- Automatic Recoil Starting, Mechanical- Centrifugal Variable Speed Governor, Lube oil and Fuel filters, 1.2 gal Fuel Tank, Dry Type Air Cleaner, Muffler with Spark Arrestor, Manual Throttle and Stop Controls


Model 3100-96 3" Trash Pump
Construction: Cast Aluminum with Cast                       Iron Wear Plates, Semi-Open Clog  Resistant Impeller. Cast iron Hex  Nipples(2 supplied).  Buna  N/SS/Ceramic Mechanical Seal.
           O-Ring Casing Seal.
Performance: Handles 1-1/2" Solids.  Self- Primes 20 feet.  Liquid temperatures  Range: 40-160F.  Maximun flow  22,680 GPH, Maximum Head 89'.

Set Dimentions and Weight
19" High           20" Wide   27" Long    140lbs. (add 26 lbs. for wheel kit)