ZIP D/E  Self-Contained Diesel Engine Driven Reefer

New York Truck Refrigeration has been servicing on highway refrigeration equipment for the New York Metropolitan area since 1988.  Our factory trained mechanics are experts at diagnosing and
repairing all transport refrigeration systems, including Copeland, Trane, ThermoKing, Carrier
Transicold, ThermoPlus, Arctic Traveler, as well as our NorthWind products.

We know how critical the proper operation of your refrigeration equipment is and maintain a large
inventory of
genuine service parts:  including rebuilt engines and compressors - enabling New York Truck Refrigeration to offer the best and the fastest refrigeration service available in New York City.

Our engineering department has been addressing our customer's needs.  We have been working
diligently to relieve the pain of freon conversions from the now obsolete R12 systems.  All our
refrigeration systems sold in the last 4 years have been with environmentally friendly refrigerants. 

We represent not one, but a variety of refrigeration manufactures so that we can tailor the best
refrigeration system for you.  Additionally, we offer systems that no other manufacturers have.

The photographs above are of 3 refrigeration systems that we designed, and build under the name  "North Wind International".  These units are the most "transport friendly" -  systems available today.   Our systems are designed by technicians from the transport refrigeration  industry- addressing the needs of the transportation industry.  Our systems do not intrude upon the cargo space,  they're
simple and easy to maintain, and use readily available components.

The system on the left is our MAXI3  (MAXI "CUBE").  The MAXI3 is powered by the vehicle's
engine and is therefore extremely simple to maintain.  It features our non-intruding evaporator.    The refrigeration evaporator is located outside the cargo space.  Air is supplied and returned through a standard  size opening in the front wall of the truck body.  This system is particularly useful with palletized and cart loads where the cart or pallet must clear the over-hanging refrigeration unit. As you can see in the picture, the interior cargo is stacked up to the front wall.   Additionally, there's
no over-hanging refrigeration evaporator dripping water onto your cargo.

The center photo is of a van insulated by the "Van Shield"* process and refrigerated by our "Phantom" van refrigeration system.  All refrigeration components are located within the van, instead of some being installed on the roof.  We removed an overhead obstruction that is easily damaged by road hazards, trees, etc., and improved your refrigerated vehicle's access to garages, roadways, driveways, etc.  Vans with our system can - in fact - go where others can't.

The photo on the right is our Zero Interior Protrusion Diesel / Electric or "ZIP D/E".  The ZIP D/E is a self-contained diesel engine driven refrigeration system.  This system was developed with our
sister  company- REPOWER Inc.  It features the same  non- intruding evaporator as the MAXI
3, and includes its own diesel engine with Repower's patented belt drive system.  The belt drive
replaces multiple belts, pulleys, adjusters, wrenches, hammers, and pry bars, with 1 serpentine belt and an automatic spring  tensioner.

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* "Van Shield" is a trademark of Siviglia Body Co. Bronx NY.  Van Shield is a foamed in place