Lombardini is one of the largest small diesel engine manufacturer in the world.  Their mission is to supply engines to the World-Wide OEM
market, and not to compete with the OEM's by manufacturing their own

With air and liquid-cooled engines from 3 to 72 hp, and state of the art
technology,  Lombardini can provide the power you need, and the
assistance necessary to bring your products to market.

Repower can help you with your power requirements.  We have  more than 10 years experience as a distributor for Lombardini.  We can assist you in determining the right engine, and deliver it to you for the right price. 

We maintain a $1/4 million parts inventory, and support a network of 
service dealers throughout the Northeast who are ready and waiting to
assist you.

Please feel free to visit Lombardini's web site, and explore their various
engine pages, and learn more about Lombardini.

Please contact us soon, so that we can be of  service to you.

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