Diesel/Electric marine
Propulsion system with: 5hp dc electric motor, and Lombardini Diesel engine

Power pack for the NorthWind truck refrigeration unit. Clockwise from lower left is: 5hp electric motor, compressor, throttle solenoid, LDW602 engine

Diesel Refrigeration unit
(Rear side view)

Repower can simply and economically combine multiple power sources, and
multiple loads.

Some of Repower's innovative, yet simple designs, are pictured above.

The photograph on the left is a diesel engine driven truck refrigeration unit that uses a patented serpentine belt drive system (center photo) developed by
Repower for New York Truck Refrigeration.  The drive combines a 12 horse power Lombardini FOCS LDW602 diesel engine and a 5 hp Baldor electric
motor (used for plug-in refrigeration while the vehicle is parked at the
warehouse), to drive the refrigeration system's compressor.  The system uses
a single serpentine belt which replaces as many as six belts found on other
refrigeration systems. Maintenance time and expense has been reduced to 10%
of other systems.  Additionally, the compactness of the drive  enabled the
refrigeration manufacturer to develop a system whereby
all refrigeration
components- including the evaporator, has been removed from the cargo
space- increasing the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Another example of Repower's engineering is the Diesel/ Electric marine
propulsion system shown in the above right photo.  The system combines a
Baldor 5 hp DC electric motor and a marinized Lombardini diesel  engine to
provide two different forms of propulsion for an 28 passenger launch used in a wildlife sanctuary.  The system enables silent, non-polluting operation via electric power, and the versatility and reliability  of diesel power to get to and from the protected preserve.  The diesel  engine can also recharge the electric batteries while the launch is  operated as a diesel- thereby reducing the time required to
recharge the batteries, as well as reducing the number of batteries needed to
operate the launch during its work shift.  Control of both drives is integrated into a single lever- allowing the operator to easily operate either system.