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The Phantom is a van refrigeration system where all the refrigeration components are
located within the van.  We install the condensing section (on top of the roof of other
refrigerated vans) in the engine compartment.  The optional electric standby compressor (also on top of the roof on other reefer vans) is installed in an enclosure
between the driver and passenger seats. 

The Phantom is available configured as follows:

      PhantomM   :  Medium temperature- above freezing with standard air
                             cycle automatic defrost
      PhantomME :  Medium temperature with electric standby (110v, or 220vac)

      PhantomL    :  Low temperature- below freezing to approx. 0 degrees F.  Standard         
                             with automatic and manual hot gas defrost.
      PhantomLE  :  Low temperature with electric standby (110v or 220 vac).

Standard equipment includes:

   Remote control with:
         Pre-wired wall mounted control box
         Digital thermostat and thermometer.
         Neoprene barrier hose
         Bubble crimp hose fittings
         High and Low refrigerant pressure safety switches.

      Hot water heat
      Electric heat
      Wall mounted blower kit to circulate refrigerated air into the passenger compartment.
The van pictured above has a "van shield" insulation package.   The "van shield" creates the insulated cargo area within the vehicle.  A bulkhead is constructed to separate the passenger space from the cargo space.   Insulating foam is poured into wall, floor and roof cavities (3" thick in the medium temp, 4" +  for low temp), and the entire interior is then covered with a layer of fiberglass. 

Proper insulation is as important as the refrigeration system.  Without proper insulation, no refrigeration system cannot function properly.

The Phantom and "Van Shield" insulation make a perfect combination.