Note: Ratings are DIN 6271 "B" standards.  Standard Rating Condition: 68 degrees F, 28.98 in. Hg 60% relative humidity. Approximate derations are 1% for each 325 feet above sea level and 2% for each 9 degrees F above 68 degrees F.
Rating shown are maximum continuous service, and cannot be exceeded except for starting momentary inductive loads (motor-starting).       Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Totally Brushless AC Generator
Single or 3-phase
    (single phase 120 or 120/240)
    (3-phase 12 lead reconnectable)
Single bearing 4-pole
60 cycle(HZ)  (call for 50HZ)
Self-regulated.  Self-excited
Drip Proof.  Class "F" insulation
Engine and Generator direct-flange         
    mounted through SAE flywheel
    housing, SAE flywheel and
    flexible drive plate
Welded steel sub-base with flexible
    mounts between set and base.

4-Cycle Diesel Indirect Fuel Injection
Liquid-cooled by Radiator and Pusher Fan
A-1 Governor Regulation at 1800 RPM
Full flow lube oil filter
Cast Iron Crankcase
12 volt Electric Start with glow plugs and           
    automatic preheat cycle
45 amp alternator
Dry type air cleaner
Mechanical fuel transfer pump
Exhaust muffler and shroud
Safety Shutdown System for Low Oil
   Pressure and High Coolant Temperature
Mounted Control Panel with Lights and
    Key switch for Start/Stop