2-Pole 50/60 Cycle (Hz) Gensets operate at higher speeds than 4-Pole   generator sets.  The 50 cycle set runs at 3000 RPM's while the 60 Hz set runs at  3600 RPM's.   The 2-pole set offers more kilowatts in a smaller, lighter, and less expensive package compared to the 4-pole 1800 RPM generator set.

Lombardini 4-stroke water-cooled Diesel Engine. 3000 RPM (50 cycle) / 3600 RPM (60 cycle), Open Power Unit

Configuration with 12 volt electric start and stop, mounted congtrol panel with automatic shutdown in case of high water temperature or low oil pressure, radiator with  fan guard, air cleaner, muffler with guard, pusher fan, 45 amp battery-charging alternator.

Generator. Brushless***Rotating Field. Single bearing. 2 Pole. 50 Cycle (Hz). Temperature Rise 105 C.

Generator and Engine Direct-coupled through SAE Flywheel Housing and drive Plate.

Compete Generator Set mounted to welded steel sub-base with flexible mounts between set and sub-base.


Circuit Breakers - Consult Factory
Receptacles - available at extra cost for smaller models Consult Factory Customer must specify
standard of  receptacle
Rain Covers and Sound Shields - Consult Factory Customer must specific Sound Level


* Ratings shown are for Continuous service. When starting Inductive (Motor) Loads Wattage  Shown may be
exceeded for short periods.

1503, 2004, and 2004T are not available as 3600 RPM engines.

**12 Lead (Reconnectable) Voltages are 120/208, 120/240, 240/416, 230/460, 240/480.

***Single phase Generators are Totally Brushless 3-Phase Generators have a Brushless Stator with
heavy  duty, long life, low amperage Excitation Brushes.

All prices are FOB Bronx, New York packed for domestic shipment on wooden pallets. Export
packing  and pier delivery available at extra cost.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.